3 Things That Could Be Hurting Your Social Media Marketing

Seriously, you can spend countless hours creating a social media marketing strategy and still be frustrated that your content isn’t getting the reaction you were hoping for. As you have likely heard social media marketing is here to stay and is ever-changing yet extremely important when it comes to getting in front of your target market. There are also many myths and tips and tricks to successfully marketing your business on social media.

Let’s dive in on the things that you could be doing that are negatively affecting your social media strategy resulting in low engagement.

1. Bots and Automated Services

Yes. They are appealing to gain big numbers of followers but are they the right followers that are actually going to engage with your content and in turn, purchase your product or service? Probably not. Not to mention no one is a fan of the follow unfollow game when it comes to trying to organically grow a genuinely amazing community.

2. Re-evaluate Your Content.

I hate to break it to you, but maybe your content isn’t that interesting. Always write from the heart like you would talking to a friend, be genuine this will shine through and attract other genuine followers.

3. Spamming.

Please, please, please don’t push out a bunch of content and expect all these comments and likes if you don't first give others the same. We may not have hours to devote to engaging with others a day but I would aim to spend at least 10 minutes and if that’s even too much time, then maybe it’s time to outsource this.

If you were doing any of these things that’s ok, we all have our own opinions when it comes to how we want to market ourselves. But if you are doing any of these and wanting a higher engagement rate then why not try altering your social media strategy a bit.

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