3 Tips to Balance Motherhood and Running a Business

Do you feel like you’re trying to stand on a hammock while balancing something in each hand? Well…. This is what my life feels like some days. Basically what I am getting at is it isn’t easy to balance everything all the time. In fact some days I just plain fail… but that’s OK!.

I used to hear the saying all the time “ You will always make time for the important things in your life.” Well, it’s pretty true. I started making my work and my family time important and therefore found a way to balance both.

Truthfully this was somewhat easy for me as I have always been a schedule and a routine person so it was a matter of getting into a new routine to make it all work.

Today I am sharing the three things I do daily to balance running a business, being a wife and a mom. 1. Wake up before your kids… like way before your kids. In my case, this means waking up at about 4:30 a.m. I know I know that sounds so early but in order for me to feel like I am giving myself, my work and my family all the attention they need its necessary and I really treasure this time in the morning.

With these 2 and half hours I get a lot of work done and to top it off I actually put on makeup and do my hair even though on a daily basis the only place I go is preschool drop off.

2. Time Block… Yes, all business owners say this as a tip but it’s because it’s so true. In my case, my oldest goes to school for a large portion of the day and my youngest is home with me. So I plan the thing that needs my full focus for when they are in school or asleep and I can juggle the other fun things like being creative with graphics and doing social engagement for the times when my kids are awake.

3. Schedule and Plan... I am not kidding when I say I have a plan and schedule for just about everything. I know my families dinners at least a week out, I plan out my kid's clothes for the week each Sunday. I pre-pack lunches on Sunday and do laundry on specific days of the week. My client's content for their social media is on a schedule where I am usually a month or two ahead in planning out content that way it is automated. I know this sounds a bit crazy but having these plans and schedules allows me to better time block each day.

And now to the best part! By doing these three tips I am able to pick my son up from school in the early afternoon and that’s it. No more work, no more social media. I get to sit on the floor in the playroom or go for a swim in the pool and enjoy my family.

I get that we are all different and my schedule isn’t a once size fits all type of thing, but the thing to remember here is if it’s important you will find the time.

Do you have any secrets on how you balance it all?

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