4 Easy Ways to Become A Content Creator on Social Media

The days of simply sharing a pretty picture on social media are long gone and now a huge part of growing your social media presence is a shift in being a content sharer to becoming a content creator!

Have you ever just shared a reel you found funny of your competitor or a quote or meme someone else created?

Yep, I am guilty of this too in the past.

Now I want you to stop and think of this...

instead of sharing the content someone else created that will benefit them and their account start thinking of yourself and how you can create that kind of killer content that others will want to share to benefit your account!

So which are you? A Content Creator or a Content Sharer?

So many are puzzled and left wondering at what to share and when on social media and in turn leaving them to share what others are posting or simply not showing up at all. Which leads to providing less and less value for your audience.

Here are my key takeaways on how you can STOP being a content sharer and START being a content creator:

  1. Create Your Own Branded Graphics - Stop sharing that quote from someone else, instead create your own content designs and templates. No matter what industry you are in having your own branded content is so valuable to your business. Canva is a life-saving tool when it comes to creating templates to create and share branded content.

  2. Take a Brand Photo Shoot - schedule a brand photoshoot or schedule time to take some on your own. Instead of using stock photos or product shots give them your branded feel by taking your own.

  3. Take polls and see what your audience needs most - don't assume you know best what your audience wants to see most or don't share what you are seeing others share, share what sets you apart from others and why they should choose to work or buy from you.

  4. Don't be afraid to get a little personal - So many are scared to share too many personal things on their business marketing but this is such a great way to truly connect with your audience on a deeper level.

What are you struggling with when it comes to creating value-packed content? Go ahead and save this for that next time you feel puzzled about what to share on social media!

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