4 Instagram Engagement Tips

There is one key factor in making your Instagram marketing strategy work, do you know what it is? 


That's right without engaging on Instagram all that amazing content may likely never get seen. 

Here are 4 quick tips on how to best engage on Instagram: 

  1. Reply to comments - yep those replies work towards your overall engagement too 

  2. Reply to direct messages - this shows you care and builds a relationship of trust with those reaching out to you. 

  3. Engage through stories - participate in that poll or answer that question it is working towards continuing to build lasting connections.

  4. Engage in hashtags - don't wait for new people to come to you come to them FIRST by extending the olive branch to build a connection you never know what it could lead too. 

How are you doing on your Instagram engagement strategy?  Need to chat on what else you can be doing to boost your engagement, Let's Chat!

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