4 Tips you Need to know about Pinterest for Beginners

Does Pinterest completely overwhelm you? Do you not even know where to begin when it comes to how to use Pinterest to market your business? Let me start by saying YOU ARE NOT ALONE! I used to know very little about Pinterest, In fact, I remember years ago I would look on Pinterest for inspiration and ideas for my wedding, mind you I was not even engaged and instead of pinning these ideas I would take a screenshot of them so no one could see I was evening looking at this. Embarrassing I know! Then a coworker showed me how I could make a board “Secret” and I fell in love and began pinning like an unengaged bridezilla, I mean why not know one could see it right!?

Basically, I was clueless about how to use Pinterest and how so many small business relied on it to market and get business. Well fast forward 7 years, I now run an online business where I support small businesses with Pinterest marketing.

I will say thing there is a lot more to Pinterest than I had ever imaged and have learned a lot through trial and error, case studies with clients and Pinterest courses. Pinterest can be huge for your business and attracting more attention to your blog, products or services. So don’t give up! Here are 4 things to know when starting your Pinterest Business account.

1. Optimize your Pinterest Profile

A good Pinterest profile is key for readers and potential clients to know what you can offer them and why they need to read your blog or purchase your product in a quick glance. An optimized Pinterest description should include:

  1. Your NAME – either your blog name, personal name or business name just make sure it’s consistent.

  2. Your BIO – write to your potential audience about you and what you offer, make it conversational, friendly and engaging so your customers want to follow along, while clearly sharing what services or product you have to offer.

  3. Your WEBSITE – make it easy for readers to know where to find out more and in turn drive more traffic to your site.

2. Set up your Pinterest Boards

If your anything like me you’re a visual person so write it out, and ask yourself this: What does my business offer? Perhaps a different board for each niche if you have few or each season if that applies to your business or one for your personal brand. Then start describing your boards so that they are optimized with keywords to show up in a potential clients or buyers search. That’s right Pinterest considers themselves a search engine and uses keywords to categorize pins and boards. Here is a checklist of things your perfectly optimized Pinterest Boards should include:

- Several keywords

- No more than 500 characters

- Conversational

- Includes a few hashtags

Pro Tip: Pinterest weighs your title more than any other part of your board.

3. Create eye Catching Pin Graphics

Just like Instagram has the square picture theme, Pinterest has a preferred image size and prefers images that are the correct size when it comes to optimizing and ranking you pin in a search.

4. Start Pinning

Now Pin away, with How To’s, To Do’s and To Buy type pins, after all this is what most Pinterest users are coming to Pinterest to find. Like other social media marketing strategies consistency is key when it comes to showing up on Pinterest. In fact Pinterest prefers you to Pin daily so you are viewed as an active pinner. That does not mean pin a bunch of pins all in one day and no more for the next week. Aim to pin multiple pins a day! Yes I said multiple with the current preferred number at 25 pins a day!

Hopefully, this helps you feel a little less overwhelmed and ready to take marketing your business on Pinterest!

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