5 Types of Pins for Bloggers

Pinning multiple pins a day can feel overwhelming, I get it I’ve been there but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. In fact, there are probably so many pins you might be missing to help drive more traffic to your website and up your affiliate sale links.

So here goes let’s dive right in.

1. The Pin Graphic - that one you created to be so pretty with text and graphics all on brand linking directly back to that awesome blog post you wrote on said topic.

2. The blog pic - the pin you get directly from using the tailwind plugin to schedule the image directly from your website

3. The vertical Instagram photo — again that same topic that you shared about on Instagram too go ahead and use your tailwind plug to schedule that pin

4. Your like to know it post - now don’t forget that photo you posted in like to know it linking all the products from that photo you will also want to use the tailwind plugin to schedule that too.

5. The product image - last but not least a great product image preferably one that isn’t so Salesys that is linking back up your affiliate link.

With 5 pins directly from the same content with different links, now pinning multiple times a day doesn’t seem so overwhelming right?

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