All You Need to Know When it Comes to Pinterest Buzz Words!

There is always a new "Buzz Word" these days, it's hard to keep up.

But on Pinterest, these "Buzz Words" can make a big difference when it comes to getting your Pin seen, repinned, and possibly go viral.

You are going to want to save these for later to use in your pin images, pin titles, pin descriptions, and board names.

  1. How to

  2. Hacks

  3. Mind-Blowing

  4. X of the best

  5. A Simple Way to

  6. The Best X (recipe, activity, dress, etc)

  7. X You Can't Live Without

  8. X Every Parent/Teacher/Kid/Biz Owner/etc. Should Know

  9. X Ways to

  10. How I

  11. Powerful

  12. Smart

  13. Hacks

  14. Surprising

  15. Critical

With these "Buzz Words" you are helping your readers solve a problem, find the solution, and become a trusted resource.

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