Are you using Pinterest Correctly?

Yay! You opened up a business Pinterest account and look at you your already repining things and sharing some value-based content for your audience. Bravo!

Although all of this is great… there are still a few ways you could be hurting all this amazing value-based content from being seen, or shall I say being seen enough to go viral and get you the traffic you were hoping for on your website.

Stop and ask yourself a few questions:

1. Are my Images the right size?

Yepp, that’s right just like Instagram Pinterest has a preferred image size and gives those with the proper imaging size a higher weight in the algorithm. So what is the Pinterest size you ask, 600x900. It may be an extra step in recreating your graphic or image but it could pay off big in getting your content seen by more people.

2. Are you creating new Pins?

I don’t know maybe what is a new pin?

A new pin is:

- Anything that is pinned directly from your site

- Anything that is pinned using a scheduler

- New Content

- Old Content that you have repurposed

- Pins with the same link that are pinned to different boards.

All in all, Pinterest wants a pretty new Pinterest worthy picture.

3. Are you repining your own pins?

That’s right one of the beauties of Pinterest is the fact that you can repin your same pin to a different board. In fact, for all my numbers people you will love this. You can repin the same pin every 18 days to 5 different boards over the course of 90 days, then you can do it again. So that content is continually being reshared.

I hope with these few tips you will continue to feel confident in your Pinterest Marketing Strategy and how to get your content seen.

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