Don’t waste your time on these things on your Pinterest strategy

Who doesn’t love the gift of time! Umm, yes please I would love more time in my day or more time to spend time with my kids and family since it all goes by way too fast.

So I have great news! There are things you might be doing on Pinterest right now that aren’t bringing your marketing strategy any value.

Are you ready for this...

1. Don't Spend the Time Setting up a Cover for each of your Boards.

Unfortunately, here is the honest trust, the chances of someone visiting your actual profile on Pinterest isn’t high. They are going to see your individual pins and then hopefully either re-pin it or click the link on your pin to your website, so basically bypassing your profile altogether. So there is no point in spending lots of time setting perfect matching pin covers.

2. Don't Worry About Creating Board Sections

Although I won’t argue with you this is an awesome feature for Pinterest, they actually don’t hold any weight in the Pinterest algorithm. This isn’t to say you can’t do it but if you’re spending the time on this, just note it is more for your own personal benefit and shouldn’t hold weight in your marketing strategy.

3. Don't Waste Time Rearranging Your Boards

Refer to number 1, the chances of someone coming directly to your Pinterest profile are slim so if you really want to have your boards in a specific order that’s great but unfortunately, this won’t make a difference in how your pins rank in a particular search.

So I’m pretty sure that saved you a least an hour of time. Wahoo now rewards yourself with a little treat, maybe a good book, a walk or a glass of wine. You deserve it!

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