Four Apps for the Instagram Creative

I think it’s safe to say we all have a favorite social media platform or one that we focus most of our attention on. For me, this is defiantly Instagram (although Pinterest is making a run for first place on this).

There are so many apps out there that integrate well from a creative standpoint with Instagram that can help make your life easier and help you to stand out with a clean look on Instagram.

Today, I am sharing my three favorite apps to give my Instagram that branded personal feel, while still helping with efficiency.

1. Unfold

This app is so fun and is perfect for creating story templates that you can export directly in a series and post to your Instagram stories. Can we say Win for time-saving and efficiency along with a great creative touch to your profile? This is also a great place to store templates of a tip series or update to old templates so you aren’t reinventing the wheel each time.

2. Pic Monkey

Although there are many out there that do the same thing I have found this one to be the most user-friendly while offering the most features for free. The app provides a variety of preset edits to choose from, which will allow you to make all your pictures cohesive and give you the branded feel you have been looking for.

3. Canva

This one is not just for Instagram and is actually a lifesaver in terms of all things graphic design. I use Canva daily and am able to save templates on various formats for different social media platforms including Instagram for each of my clients along with my personal business templates.

4. Fonts

If you are looking to have your text be a little more creative than the average one provided on your mobile device this app is perfect and will allow you to choose from a few different varieties of fonts to copy and paste into your Instagram caption. This is a great way to change the font for the first sentence of your caption as a way to stand out as users scroll through countless pictures on Instagram a day.

What are your favorite apps that you use on Instagram?

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