How Much Time Should You Spend Engaging on Instagram?

1hour, 2 Hours, 10 minutes.. how much time do you spend on your Instagram engaging with others? If your answer was 0, you may need to rethink your Instagram strategy.

The amount of time you spend on Instagram engagement a day or week will vary depending on your business's marketing strategy.

But the key thing is you have to show up consistently if you want to see true growth on your account.

Here are some key things to focus on when deciding where to focus your daily engagement time to make it count and see the growth you have been waiting for.

1. Take a Look at your discover people section.

That’s right Instagram has already pulled a list of other accounts you may like based on your current followers and the types of posts you have already interacted with. Run through this list to find some accounts that align with your marketing strategy and check our their profile.

2. Look at your competitors

If a business is offering the same services or products as yours then their followers are also likely to resonate well with your products and services.

3. Engage in a few specific hashtags

Chances are you have already identified some niche-specific hashtags for your business so go into a few of those and like and comment with the posts in this hashtag.

Whichever avenue you choose to spend your engagement time, make a plan, and focus that specific time in that area to make the most of every minute you are spending on Instagram count.

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