How to Build and Engaged Audience on Social Media

Can you relate to this...

Random DM selling you on something where they misspelled your name or have mistaken you for the wrong person? Unfortunately, I get these far too often and it makes me wonder if people forgot how to build connections.

I think a lot of this comes down to many not taking the time to share a more personal side to their brand while others are not taking the time to connect on something before selling.

Let's make it easy for new people to connect with you on a personal level:

  1. Share a Hi it's me posts somewhat frequently

  2. Create an "About Me" highlight to live on your bio forever

  3. Share you in your picture, not just stock images

  4. Invite them into your day to day routine

I hear this time and time again on discovery calls, they want the large super-engaged audience but are afraid to share themselves more or are expecting it to just happen since they are posting regularly.

Unfortunately that large engaged audience won’t just come from you posting consistently, it takes than just a consistent posting schedule to get the results you are looking for, that’s a great start but needs additional elements to build that lasting connection and a great know like and trust factor.

Here is what I like to tell my clients

Content + Consistently + authenticity = one step closer to building an engaged audience.

Are you putting in the work to build that audience?

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