How to Calculate Instagram Engagement and Why It's Important

Engagement... that buzz word we all hear over and over again when it comes to the topic of success on Instagram.

So what is Instagram Engagement?

Engagement is the sum of the likes, comments, saves, and shares you receive on each individual post on Instagram.

All those pieces of "engagement" signal to Instagram that people are loving your post and they then push it out into the algorithm to even more viewers.

So simply put the better engagement your posts receive the more people will see it which in turn increases your likelihood to grow your account, increase your sales, and brand overall brand awareness.

Which is what we all want, am I right!?

For influencers and other creative entrepreneurs, a high engagement rate is what brands are looking for when they are looking for people to promote their product.

An account can have a crazy number of followers and struggle to get over 100 likes on a post, so at the end of the day, those 10K+ followers don't even matter because they aren't actively engaging and looking to buy from you.

Engagement rate is MORE IMPORTANT than follower count!

So how do you calculate your engagement rate?

You can calculate this per post and for your overall account.

To calculate this per each post you will take the total number of likes+ total comments+ total number of saves + total number of shares and divide this by the number of followers you have.

You can also calculate this for your entire account which is great information to include in your media kit when pitching to potential brands. I like to auto-generate this online, here is the one I use.

A good engagement rate for an account is 1% to 5%.

If your engagement rate falls on the lower end it may be time to rethink your engagement strategy and make some changes to better position your account for better success in the future.

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