How to Effectively Engage on Instagram to Grow Your Follower Count

You hear it a lot when it comes to social media advice but without a proper engagement plan and strategy, you could easily waste your time aimlessly scrolling your feed without leaving a meaningful impact.

Make every minute count you spend on Instagram count! Come in ready with a plan on how you are going to both build a community with your current followers and attract new followers.

Here is a simple breakdown of how to spend your daily engagement time. This is based on spending 20 minutes on your account daily.

  1. 5 Minutes replying to comments and DMs

  2. 5 Minutes going through your personalized discovery list of those Instagram has already identified as possibly being in your target marketing by the followers you share or your past engaging habits

  3. 5 Minutes on your personal feed leaving love for those that are already in your community

  4. 5 Minutes in your top-performing hashtags relevant to your business

In each of these 4 areas, you should be liking, commenting, sharing, and following to continue to engage and attract new accounts.

Do you have any specific questions on how best to maximize your engagement time? Let's Chat!

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