How to Embrace Your Current Seasons of Life

Let’s be real not every part of life is fun, easy or enjoyable that’s part of life! I love the saying “Life’s tough but so are you!” We all have our ups and downs and wish for some points of life to speed up while wishing others to slow down.

Today I am talking about how to embrace your current season of life whether it’s young kids and little time for yourself, newly married and trying to save money, or wanting to find a new job and feeling trapped by your current situation.

For me I had to keep telling myself, things could be so much worse, one day I am going to look back and miss this moment. I have been the newlywed with no money and I look back and miss the time we spent just the two of us binge-watching Netflix in our teeny tiny apartment while eating a rotisserie chicken that we made last for three different dinners.

Or the times when I hated my job and dreaded sitting at my desk for 8 hours straight, and I look back and miss having nothing to worry about except my silly tasks. I wasn’t running the business and would clock out after my 8 hours and that was it, I didn’t check in later or on the weekend.

I am also currently that mom with two young kids, who struggles to find time for myself and get s frustrated when I can’t finish a project for work because someone always needs me for something.

Well, I decided to give up on spending time dwelling on how I wish things could be different and adjusting my expectations. I have let go of getting aggravated when it takes me longer than I had hoped to finish things with my work or around the house.

Remember this… this season will pass and once it does chances are you will miss part of it so why not live it to the fullest.

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