How to Grow your Instagram Account in Only 20 Minutes a Day

It may not sound like a lot but it will be done and will be so worth it if you are ready to roll up your sleeves and put in the work!

Showing up consistently, making the sale, and building the connections take work. If it was easy would it even be worth it?

Sure you can make a few clicks and buy a few thousand followers and get that swipe-up feature... Wahoo them what?

You still have the same amount of engaged followers (since remember you bought followers not engaged followers) you had back when you had a couple of thousand followers so did you really gain anything when you sit back and think about it?

That following number is just a vanity measure, your engagement (likes, comments, shares, and saves) is what you really want to strive to increase and, in turn, will likely lead to growing your following number in the process.

Remember this will take TIME and WORK though so let's roll up your sleeves and dive in to grow that engaged community of warm leads for your business.

I like to break down that 20 minutes a day into 5-minute segments for various areas of your account so let's dive in.

5 Minutes - Replying to comments and DM's

You will want to reply to all comments and DMs as soon as you can, even better try and respond back with a question this keeps the conversation going and builds the like know and trust factor with your audience.

Pro tip - Wait to like your comments until you are about to post again this will then alert the person of your account again, possibly promoting them to go back and engage with your new post.

5 Minutes - Engaging on Stories

This is an underrated engagement technique in my option and a great way to start or keep the conversation going with your audience further building that like know and trust factor. It doesn't have to be crazy, just drop a reaction or comment on a shared personal experience you may have in common with them.

5 Minutes - Engaging in Hashtags

Pick a few hashtags that your target audience may be using and find some accounts that align well with your overall brand message and like. comment and even follow new people to gain new exposure on your account.

5 Minutes - Engaging with Target Audience

Use the accounts you are targeting from your overall engagement strategy to go in and find new accounts to engage with that align with your target audience.

Set yourself a timer to stay on track each day and maintain your overall focus so you don't get lost in the scroll of your Instagram feed.

The strategy you are using to target new accounts will be key to see the right growth on your account if this is that part that you are struggling with that's ok, sometimes we are knee-deep in our own business thoughts it's hard to see where those target clients are right in front of us. This is where a quick strategy call could be a game-changer for your overall growth.

Even though this process can test our patience I can promise you, in the long run, building the right audience is worth the time and effort it takes to grow your account.

You got this!

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