How to link products and make sales on Like to Know It!

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

The app I use most on my phone other than Instagram is Like To Know It!

Where I go for inspiration and saving items to check off on my shopping lists.

Aside from shopping I also use it to make money through affiliate marketing and help my clients do the same.

Imagine just simply getting paid for items you already were going to buy simply by sharing a picture and the link to that product or sometimes something similar.

So let's dive in on how to link products and make sales on like to know it directly from your iPhone.

  1. Download the RewardStyle App

  2. Click on the Ninja icon on the bottom

  3. Search any website just as you would on google and find the product you bought

  4. Select the product and the pop-up and click the heart icon to save that link in your catalog.

  5. Once you have linked all your products for that photo its time to post and link it all.

  6. Go back to the dashboard on the reward style app

  7. Select enable image and select the image from your camera roll

  8. Now link all the products from your catalog that are in that photo and click next

  9. Add a description on that photo to include some keywords that users may search for when shopping on like to know it.

  10. Enable the image and your done.

Now you can add more and get reports of which items others have purchased and the expected commission you are set to earn from that commission.

Now shop away and start making those sales.

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