How to Promote Yourself and Attract Clients

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

First and foremost, be confident! The moment you believe in yourself and market yourself as an expert in a given area the more others will believe this too.

Sounds easy but to be known as an expert in your given area you have to first fully know what you are offering and who you are offering this for.

Many service-based businesses tend to offer more than just one niched down service, so review your current services and highlight one that you are an absolute expert in, your "Signature Service"

For example, I offer:

- Backend business support

- Instagram marketing and strategy

- Pinterest marketing and strategy

- General social media management

- Virtual assistant services

Over my years in business I have come to realize Instagram and Pinterest are my favorite platforms and have since centered my offerings tailored to these services.

I then started offering value-based information and strategy for FREE on my social media along with a value-based series (Tip Tuesday) where I focus tips and tricks for mastering Instagram and Pinterest.

With this, I am highlighting myself as an expert on Instagram and Pinterest and drilling that into my audience over and over by being a constant resource in these areas.

Be consistent in what you marketing your signature service eover and show up consistently always providing the value your followers know and love.

The key is you have to first believe in yourself as the EXPERT in a certain field or area once you fully believe this your audience will too.

What are you an expert in?

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