How to Repurpose your Content to Save Time

There is no reason to reinvent the wheel each time you need to post something on social media, send out a newsletter or create a video. I only write about 2 pieces of totally brand new content a month while still posting on social media 5 days a week, sending at least 1 newsletter a week, creating at least 2 reels a week, and pinning at least 10 pins a day.

I know that sounds like a lot of content but the truth is I am sharing a lot of the same great value-based information in multiple ways on different platforms.

Here's what my content schedule looks like.

Instagram and Facebook - 5 Posts a week - I incorporate past content 3 days a week that I tweak slightly, I may pos with a different Image, create into a video or reel, or create an infographic the second time around.

Blog - I write at least 2 blogs a month which is my brand new content for that month I then use that same blog to create multiple social media posts, I will create a newsletter around each and will also create at least 35 fresh pins for each blog.

Newsletter - I take some of my recycled tips, promos, and blogs and create a newsletter to go out to my mailing list once a week.

Pinterest - I am using the same new blogs to create 35 Fresh pins and also incorporating older content to repin along with sharing tips and infographics directly from Instagram.

Let's recap I am writing 2 new blogs a month and simply reworking all the other content I already have in new and exciting ways. Showing up consistently in your business doesn't have to be too overwhelming it can be pretty easy if you implement an effective content strategy that works for your business.

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