How to Stand Out on Instagram

Are you ready for this… there are 25 MILLION active business accounts on Instagram! Crazy right? We are all trying to get noticed by our target market, generate leads, network, sell products or services, am I right?

With the algorithm constantly changing it can be overwhelming to stay on top of it all. So to make it easy I have broken it down to the top three things you can do to help your content stand out.

1. Branded Eye-Catching Image

Instagram is a platform focused on the “Cover Shot” shall we say. Users want to see that perfect image as they scroll through hundreds of thousands of pictures a day, to draw them to like it, click on your profile or even better purchase your product or service. So ask yourself is your post jumping out to them?

It can be hard to create images that follow a branded feel and are of good quality. A good trick is to use the same preset default when editing the photo before posting or create branded templates using Canva that give the cohesive feel while still drawing people to the image. A good rule of thumb is to save the behind the scenes not cover shot worthy pics for your stories.

2. Content is Key

You have heard it before but your content needs to give value to your reader. A good tip is to have a powerful first sentence! Use emojis, or different fonts to encourage users as they scroll to stop and read more and engage with your post. Planning this out ahead of time can allow for more focus on what you are trying to say rather than just posting on a whim.

Let’s not forget about your tone, make your conversation friendly and genuine like you’re having coffee with a friend.

Like always be YOU! Your brand is specific to you and it's more important to stay true to you and your brand than to try and conform to what others are doing in their business.

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