Ins and Outs of Understanding Instagram Saves

Save, Likes, Shares, Comments, oh my!

So much to understand when it comes to Instagram engagement, but first what is Instagram engagement anyway?

Likes, Comments, Shares, Views, etc.

It's not just how much engagement your post receives that matters but how quickly it receives the engagement!

The Instagram POWERS uses the amount of time spent viewing a post and how quickly it receives interaction as a key factor in determining how much to push your post out to others.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to tell how many times your Instagram post has been shared in a direct message or via a story if your are not tagged (grr). But the Instagram POWERS know and they are watching trust me!

When you share a post with someone, Instagram counts this as a form of engagement. So if you create killer content that people are sharing with their friends your posts will likely perform better in the Instagram algorithm.

Instagram is reading the number of saves your posts receives as an indicator of how amazing your post is so it pushes it out to even more people.

It has been said that the Instagram save feature is the new Like and I am all for it.

Saves turn your favorite posts and resources into your own little secret Pinterest boards to reference later!

What's not to like?

Have any questions about Instagram saves? Drop them below!

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