Instagram Hashtag Tips to Increase Your Reach and Save you Time

Oh, the good ole days when that # was just the symbol on the phone you used when calling an automated service or used a payphone. ( anyone else remember those days?)

How about the more recent days, when just using a few of the right hashtags would skyrocket your reach and get your post aka content in front of thousands of new targeted audiences.

These days there is more of a science around hashtags and using them effectively on Instagram.

Oh, how I miss the simpler times, but also enjoy the challenge of cracking the new code to continue to skyrocket reach and get attract new accounts.

Good news, I have done just that, I have complied all my best tips and best practices to find and get the most out of your hashtag strategy.

So let's dive in.


I always like to start with your client persona before you can do a deep dive into gathering hashtags for your business you will want to have a clear picture of who you target audience is. When you have this picture then put yourself in their shows on what they might search from when it comes to Instagram?


Create a breakdown of the different areas of your business along with your ideal client persona. For example, maybe that means a bracket for your services, a bracket for the things pertaining to your target audience, and even a bracket for other things you may share on your account along with your business (i.e if you're a mom, workout enthusiast, fashion lover) whatever it is that makes you different from others in your industry. Let's not forget your location, even if your clients can be anywhere it's always a good idea to use location-specific hashtags to further expand your overall reach.


Start researching the different brackets you already created and look for hashtags in the right size for your business. Basically, if you are starting out and just growing your account you won't want to have lots of hashtags with over 550K posts as your content won't have as big of an opportunity to stand out. Instead, look for more niche-specific hashtags between 25k - 500k posts.


Now you have your master list you can start pulling from there when you post. Instagram allows us to use 30 hashtags for each post, play around with this number and find your sweet spot. Every account is different just as we all have different target audiences they all have different buying and search habits on Instagram.

Mix them up to don't take the easy way out and just copy and paste the same ones from post to post. Each post is different therefore each post's hashtags should be different too.

Now that you have laid the groundwork, let your hashtags do the work for you. Keep showing up consistently, providing value and amazing quality content I promise you will start to see a slow and steady increase in your overall reach on Instagram.

Don't forget this isn't a short-term strategy, you have to put in the time and consistency to really see the results.

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