Pinterest Graphic Design for Beginners

It's all about the Image!

Are you still not seeing the traffic you want in your Pinterest strategy?

It may be time to reevaluate your Pin design.

Here are some tips on creating an out of this world Pin image:

  1. Choose the right fonts - Aim to use 2 fonts that balance each other that stands out yet are easy to read and still follow your brand.

  2. Choose the right picture - If you are doing text overlay make sure the background is clear and not too distracting from the text. Use stock photos if you don't have high-quality images to use for your pins.

  3. Choose the right colors - Help your pins stand out by choosing a bold color that still goes along with your brand yet is clear and easy to read. Use a few colors in your pin image that contrast each other.

With the right image, colors, and fonts your Pin should start to attract viewers to stop their scroll and read more.

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