The 4 Types of Pins to Use on Pinterest

Did you know that there is more to Pinterest than just one type of Pin.

Yep, that's right Pinterest is confusing.

Don't panic let me explain first.

We have all heard that Pinterest is wanting more "Fresh/New Pins" (If you haven't heard that, now you know 🙂) but there is more types of Pins you should be considering when filling up the queue in Tailwind each day.

So to make it super simple for you all we are going to outline each type of Pin you could be using in your Pinterest strategy.

Let's start with what Pinterest loves most, the NEW Pin.

New Pins - are any new URL and new Pinterest Graphic, this would be any new product, any new course, any new blog, any affiliate link. The actual types of these "New Pins" will vary from business to business.

Evergreen Pins - older pins that are highlight content or products still relevant in your business. It's no secret that it can take Pinterest a few months for a Pinterest to take off and gain traction.

Video Pins - all those little video clips you have taken in other areas of your business are great to showcase on Pinterest too. That's right no need to reinvent the wheel repurpose and get the most out of all the amazing content you are spending so much of your time creating.

Story Pins - These are newer to Pinterest and are just that pins to tell a story. These can be a combination of videos, multiple products in the same line, or even a carousel-type post of graphics. Although you can't link these to an outside source they are still a great way of getting views to your content and are seeing great results in the number of views and clicks they are getting, they are worth trying to see how they do for your business.

So before you get overwhelmed on consistently pinning multiple images a day remember all the types of pins you can be used in your Pinterest strategy.

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