The key difference between Instagram and Pinterest

The long and short of it is... Instagram is a social community platform where Pinterest is actually considered a search engine.

Did you already know this?

Instagram is where we are going to network build a sense of community all while growing our business through those connections.

Where Pinterest is where people are going to search for a particular thing, whether that be an inspiration for home design, a new easy dinner recipe, what the latest fashion trends are, or researching for business. Pinterest has a little something for everyone in many different types of business.

This is super important to know when planning what type of content to share on either platform. That's right what you share on Instagram will be different than what you share on Pinterest but the good news is you can still repurpose some of the same content across both platforms in different ways.

Success on both Instagram and Pinterest will also look different and is super important to understand when measuring the success of your strategies and how you may need to make changes moving forward to optimize success on both platforms.

So let's talk analytics...

When you are reviewing your analytics on Pinterest and Instagram are you looking at the numbers that actually matter?

Let's break it down...

On Instagram

✔️ Likes

✔️ Comments

✔️ Saves

✔️ Shares

✔️ Reach

Which all count towards your overall engagement and all are important to not when measuring the success of your content and how you are connecting with your audience on Instagram.

Now, for the thing that isn't a measure of success on Instagram.... you guessed it -

❌ Followers

Followers are not an accurate measure of success and are rather a vanity measure. You have a smaller engaged audience and could be making more sales than a large account with low engagement.

Now onto Pinterest, website clicks, conversions, and sales are what we are looking for when it comes to measuring the success of the content we are sharing.

Pinterest also has its fair share of vanity measures that are not the true measure to success on the platform. Those include: Viewers, Repins, Followers all of these can be fun to look at but mean nothing when it comes to making sales.

The other numbers are more of a vanity measure. Let's not forget the overall goal of social media marketing, to drive sales so obviously purchases are the end goal.

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