The Key to Writing the Perfect Instagram Caption

Part of successfully growing your Instagram account takes way more than showing up consistently and engaging with others.

A large part is WHAT you share and how you share it!

No one wants to consistently be sold too nor do they want to just see some inspirational quotes all the time. They want VALUE!

Give them a solution to their problems, answer that burning question, and do so by encouraging connection and engagement along the way.

The perfect Instagram caption should include:

  1. An attention grabber - only a small portion of your caption is seen when scrolling through their feed so make sure you are grabbing their attention, give them a cliffhanger or a reason to click to read more.

  2. Add spaces and emojis - Having spaces and emojis helps draw the eyes to certain areas of your caption that you want to draw your audience to. Besides this isn't a super formal social media space don't be afraid to have some fun with the emojis.

  3. Have a call to action - without telling your reader what you want them to do or asking them a question you are giving them no reason to stick around and engage with you. So start a conversation, and keep it going in the comments.

With these three items included in each caption and lots and lots of value, you will be sure to give your audience a reason to stop their scroll and see more of what you have to offer.

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