Tips to Helping Your Pin Image go Viral

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

We are all hoping to go viral in one way or another on social media, especially if that means getting maximum exposure on our products and services.

Am I right!?

So let's dive in with a few tips on creating the perfect pin image to help your pin go viral.

Use Text Overlays

Pinterest themselves recommend text overlays as a best practice. In fact, some studies have shown that users are more likely to interact with a pin in their feed with a text overlay that clearly states what the pin ins about.

No one wants to click on the pin then read the description just to see if they are interested in reading more.

We live in a fast world and people want to quickly digest the content and see if it's something that sparks their interest.

Use different Pin Templates

Don't be afraid to test a few different pin templates per link, so you can go back and see which template is resonating most with your audience, it might surprise you.

Let's not forget that when going back to review your pin stats don't just use the number of repins as your sole indicator of how well that pin performed in terms of driving traffic and sales.

Yes, repins are great but someone can simply click repin just because they saw a pretty picture but this does not necessarily mean they are going back to your website to purchase your product or service.

Let's wrap it up...

If you don't already start incorporating text overlay pin images into your Pinterest strategy. That doesn't mean you can't just use the picture especially if you are a photographer or blogger of some sort.

But I think you might be surprised at the increase in clicks you could see with a text image over just a stand-alone picture.

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