Top tips to be productive as a work from home mom

Where are all my moms that are juggling it all, running a business, taking care of your kids, and doing all the things that fall under the title "mom".

It ain't easy that's for sure, I have been working from home now for 5 years and now 3 years on my own running a business. Flashback to 5 years ago I started working from home when I had my son and all of a sudden was responsible for taking care of a newborn in addition to all the responsibilities I had with my full-time job. Let's just say it wasn't easy, I was burnt out.

Now let's flashforward to today, I am running a successful social media business from my house with 2 kids. Yes, it's a lot but I have implemented some things that have helped me make it so much easier.

If you are in the beginning stages of running your business from home with your kids these are for you:

  1. Give yourself grace - Sounds easier than it is sometimes but just be proud of where you have gotten and celebrate the little wins. You are doing a lot and you are doing a great job!

  2. Set your boundaries with your work - Make your clients aware of your availability stay firm in the times that you are available for a call so you don't feel overwhelmed with trying to keep your kids entertained while also trying to be fully present on a call with your clients. It's ok to not be available for a call all the time, this is your business you set the ground rules of your availability.

  3. Plan ahead - Create a calendar and start batching and planning for future things you have on your schedule. Those newsletters you want to send out you can batch a whole month in one sitting, or how about your social media content, go ahead and create a plan and this will make showing up consistently so much easier.

  4. Time block - Set time blocks for your day, so you can plan accordingly to get all your work done. Plan around those naps to maximize what you need to get done that day.

  5. Wake up before your kids - I get this is harder for some people who just aren't morning people but trust me even getting up 15 minutes before your kids can make all the difference. This gives you a chance to have a few minutes of peace to have some coffee, schedule your day and get your thoughts together before the chaos of the day begins.

Not every day will be easy and not every day will be super productive but having a plan and setting the right boundaries will help you stay productive while still staying present in the moment with your kids.

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