Understanding Instagram Lingo and Which are the Most Important to your Business

Share, Save, Reach, Engagement oh my.

Is your head spinning yet on all the Instagram lingo?

Let's make this simple and dive into what each means and which ones are the most important to track in your Instagram marketing strategy.

Shares - Instagram loves these and is a form of engagement. You can share it with a friend, share it in stories, and tag the original person its a great way to build a connection and engage on Instagram.

Save - This is like a private interest board where you can save information or inspiration for the future into private categories on your page. This is also a form of engagement and Instagram loves to see people save posts. Save other's posts and create content that encourages your audience to save your posts too.

Reach - This is the number of accounts each individual post has reached. This is best done through hashtags, boosting a post, and is the ideal way to get new eyes on your content outside of those that aren't currently following you.

Engagement - The holy grail on Instagram, this is what boosts your account to the next level in the algorithm and is the metric that likely matters most when wanting to work with brands or selling products or services. Engagement consists of likes, comments, saves, and shares.

To sum it up high engagement is really what we are all striving for on Instagram and is what will help take you to the next level in continuing to grow your account and overall brand awareness.

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