Understanding the Pinterest Lingo

Repin, Save, Clicks, Pin, Oh My!

Is your head spinning yet from all these Pinterest terms you are supposed to know?

Let's break it down and I promise it will be easier than you think!

First off, Repin and Save mean the same thing! Whew, that's a relief.

But why are these important to your overall Pinterest strategy?

When someone Repins or Saves your Pin that is saving it for later to reference back to, which is great and one step towards making a direct sale. Yayy!

Clicks, or when someone clicks your Pin to get to your website to either view your product, download your freebie, purchase your product, and aka make a sale!

Pin, or the word for the image or graphic you are sharing the "Pin" without pins there is no Pinterest :)

Makes sense right?

Have any other Pinterest questions? Comment below.

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