What is Instagram Engagement and How do I increase this in my business?

Ahh the golden question, we all want the answer to. 

But first, let's start with what Instagram Engagement is anyways. 

Engagement is how Instagram knows to push your content out to even more people and is one of the MOST IMPORTANT metrics when evaluating your analytics on social media!

So what does engagement include?⁣





Without good engagement, your content will not perform to the best of its ability, even if it's out of this world you have to see it to believe it amazing content.⁣

Engagement is the key to pushing your content to a wider audience.⁣

So how do you increase your engagement? 

Here are 6 quick tips. 

1. Post-Consistently

2. Provide value-based content 

3. Have an amazing Image 

4. Create "Saveable Content" (I.E Infographics, tutorials, etc) 

5. Comment and engage with others 

6. Share other content that resonates with you. 

If you are looking to increase your Instagram Engagement I would love to help and offer ideas on where to start. Let's Chat

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