Why using the Vanity Measure is not a way to Measure Success

We are all a bit guilty of this at least once in our lives, where we will look at our follower number or friend count as a way to measure success or often validate ourselves. Am I right?

Well here is your friendly reminder that this number means nothing on how successful your business is doing and really should also not make a difference in your self-worth. We can each hear the word success and interrupt it differently and that is great! Different perspectives and views are what make life exciting.

Many might say success from a business standpoint may mean sales! Well in many cases your number of followers and likes will not equal the number of sales. I am not saying these numbers don’t matter at all and you should never look at them, I am simply saying that they should not be your metrics when deciding how successful your business is performing on social media.

Remember this:

Success does NOT = followers

Success does NOT = likes

Success does NOT = impressions

Success for a business is how many of those followers, likers, or viewers took the time to engage with your content, read your blog, signed up for your new service or newsletter or bought your product.

I challenge you to step back and think of this, how many of your followers or friends are actually interacting with your content on a regular basis? Are you paying attention to who they are and interacting and engaging with them as well to build more of a genuine relationship?

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