The Pinterest Advantage

Start Pinning like a Pro in just 5 weeks!

Raise your hand if you are trying to increase your overall brand awareness while increasing your site traffic to make more sales?


Um, all of us have our hands raised, am I right? 

With over 322 Million active users a month, Pinterest has the potential to completely transform your business (when used correctly, of course!)


Why wouldn’t you want to take Advantage of that active audience to drive traffic back to your website? 


I know, I hear you, it may feel like just another social media platform that needs mastered...


But stop right there. Don't let the feeling of overwhelm take over because I have created an awesome new program called The Pinterest Advantage that is going to make mastering Pinterest easy, fun and seamless for driving more sales to your business! Cha-Ching!


In just 5 weeks, I will take you from Pinterest No to Pinterest Pro! You will also learn alongside other like-minded female entrepreneurs in a weekly group coaching session that will have guided resources and homework each week (don't worry, it will be achievable homework!) You'll leave each session with new expert knowledge and strategy to successfully market and grow your business on Pinterest! And bonus - you will have an instant support system to back you & amazing new connections!


Take a peek inside what we will cover each week: 


Week 1 - Pinterest Basics

  • Keyword Research 

  • Creating Evergreen Pinterest Boards

  • Optimizing Pinterest Profile and Boards 


Week 2 - Pin Planning

  • Identify the different types of Pins to have for your business 

  • Creating Pinterest Graphics

  • Creating Keyword rich Pins 


Week 3 - Tailwind Review and Setup 

  • Tailwind Setup 

  • Creating and Optimizing Pinning Strategy


Week 4 - Start Pinning 

  • Interval Pinning Strategies 

  • Pin Planning 


Week 5 - The Recap 

  • 1:1 Questions and Reviews 

  • Finalizing your Pinterest Strategy

Why should YOU Invest in Pinterest Marketing?


Aside from the fact that it has a low marketing cost with benefits that will forever outweigh the minimal cost, it's an untapped marketing tool that can do wonders for your business. 


Pinterest is a platform that so many people (especially your Ideal Clients) are using to search for specific topics and where they are coming to make purchasing decisions. 

Not fully convinced yet? 


Take a look at some of the results my Pinterest clients are seeing in their businesses:




Pretty amazing, right? 


The best part is that this 5-week program is only $197! Not only will you have all the knowledge and an A+ strategy, you also get built-in cheerleaders that will cheer you on every step of the way!


The course will begin in May so hurry up & grab your spot because space is limited! The live zoom call will be held each week on Tuesday but if you can't make it, don't worry - the recording will be sent to your inbox!  

Sign up for The Pinterest Advantage now to check one thing of your to-do list! :)


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